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One of Our Own, Chris Hogan, Stars in Patriots’ Path To Super Bowl

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One of Our Own, Chris Hogan, Stars in Patriots’ Path To Super Bowl

It was last Sunday night (and way past my bedtime being 2am in Barcelona, Spain). I’ve stayed up and watched…

A Lacrosse Game of Ages: Brown State vs The Terps

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Fresh-back from summer holidays, in Barcelona and watching this rejuvenated Browns team in the NCAA semi-finals in Youtube–I’m ecstatic after an exciting 10-goal 1st quarter with the Maryland Terrapins. The Brown “bears” play with a spark & life which I love about lax— they play with an attitude with a chip on their shoulder, bullies in and fights a tough, gritty game. Hold up a second… Brown university IS IN the semi-finals? yeah, first time in 20-odd years. Its style is evident from the 1st second, where the faceoff-man wins the draw and tried to stuff a goal right down the throat of the Maryland goalie.
It’s a style I prefer above all, it’s simple— push the ball & pressure, and generate offense from the defensive side of the field. When you get the ball, push it with an opportunistic flare, simple and direct.
A sunny day on a grass field, good crowd, a classic match-up of run & gun team vs. poised & controlled team.This Brown team harks back to the exciting Syracuse teams of the 90’s or the Cavaliers  (Virginia) of early 2000’s. I love seeing this, I feel the college game has gotten too generic in their tempo (being settled and premeditated) in recent years where the up-starts like Brown State with its frenetic style would get other teams to take notice. Well, it’s the end of the 2nd quarter and we have 18 collective goals, I’m going to sit back and enjoy this game. By the way, other notable mentions on this game:
  • At the start of the broadcast, my idol Jim Brown ’s interview is featured sharing why he thinks lacrosse is the ultimate complete game, breaking it down. It’s juxtaposed with visuals of the physicality of the in-game action of the modern game along with a flashback look of Native-Americans centuries ago. Kudos, it was well-produced
  • There’s stud attack man for Maryland named “Rambo”, seriously, it’s his real name—so i had to smile when i hear the commentators utter things like “and there’s Rambo getting booked a nasty slash! 1 minute penalty…”
  • A star Brown player is in the game playing with a broken foot (strapped up) and looks threatening, he’s already scored a goal sparking a 3-goal run for his team. I heard he’s due for surgery straight after the weekend. How do you even walk with a broken foot, let alone play a game!???
If you have a buddy tell you “lacrosse? sound interesting, what’s it like?” then be sure to direct him to this video and get introduced to lacrosse the proper way. Let’s see how the remaining half of the match unfolds, check ya later =)






Lacrosse’s simple roots – Train hard & smile

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Lacrosse’s simple roots – Train hard & smile

Hello world!

Freelance/Creativity Vs. Organized & Balanced Team

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Freelance/Creativity Vs. Organized & Balanced Team

I was excited to have found this game on Youtube, the 1990 world lax championship final, arguably one of the…

A Clinic on Defense

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A Clinic on Defense

Our first defensive clinic with Eric Loomis went very well. I had wanted the team to get a taste of…

A good Day

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A good Day

April 5th, 2014 – Barcelona to Alicante The second week and the final round robin before the end of the…

The Inaugural game for Barcelona & Catalunya

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The Inaugural game for Barcelona & Catalunya

Top row from left: Oscar Hernandez, Albert Olive, Mark (BamBam) Bamford , Kepfra Frolich, Pol (Speedi) Lluca, Oriol Bonet Bottom row:…

Outbound to Alicante!

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It’s been some time since last I’ve logged in and updated, lot’s have happened—from now on I pledge to update as often as possible no matter how short the content, for history’s sake. The men & the women teams this year are both fielding teams into the national league. In fact for the men’s first ever game for Barcelona & Catalunya is this Saturday in Alicante. We will play 2 games in a modified pitch with 5 vs 5 set-up. The number is in fact weird for lacrosse as it is usually 6 vs 6 or 8 vs 8 if not the normal official 10 vs 10. It’s a matter of balance on the field to set up key points and positioning. The league is growing and the rationale is to make it car-friendly for teams traveling far—you can fit 5 passengers into a single car as 6 would be an issue.

Last saturday we had a scrimmage and it was indeed fun. The complexion of the play was definitely different to the ones of the past, the helmets & full contact does bring that factor of competitiveness. I absolutely loved it and was glad to see that the smiling faces validated it also as a team. Alas, we’re getting there! In the warm-ups, we walked through some set plays to run ( keeping it just 3 was intentional), I would dedicate a whole blog post one day celebrating if we actually run it during our games rather than a drill, that would be a huge milestone. Daniel, captain from the Argentian national team, managed to make it down and played with us, such great timing that was, even scored a few goals himself as an attackman. Late in the final seconds I had a scare where trying to do a roll-dodge, had hit a funny divot and almost turned my ankle in a bad way. I did fall but no harm done—had I ‘d injured and missed the first ever game with the Bandits…that would’ve just crushed me. The lacrosse spirits overlooking us were kind to this journeyman middie–at least for that day. Thanks a million!

To the Men: Keys To the Women’s Game

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In Bcn we play mixed lacrosse rules, mostly based on the women’s rules with extra add-ons. Until most of our guys have full gear to play men’s lacrosse, it will stay this way. Men can take tons of learning from this opportunity. Here’s why:

  • women’s game is based on skill & speed, which is excellent for players to hone their skills without the physical brutality of the men’s game added to the mix. The hitting & the rough contact comes naturally when the men’s game gets introduced, skills are taught & crafted and more difficult to learn
  • In the women’s game, defending a player means using your feet and your brains to prevent penetration – position defense, the ideal way for defending with minimal risk, maximum result — this applies to the men’s game also, watch the best players, you will see it. Get in between the attacker and the goal, have your sticks up, 2-hands on the stick, and let your feet do the work ou commander cialis.
  • it’s all about cutting & quick-stick to score in women’s, if you can translate this into the men’s game, you will be a stud scorer

And please, let the women pick the ball up before tackling her from behind—ahem! this is a penalty—better to move your feet and play position defense. Our time with the mixed game may be limited once we reach our goal of getting our all our kits ready by this December, let’s make the most of it and save the aggression for the men’s games. We have Bea who joins us from Roma lacrosse who can help us adhere to the rules, listen and support Aina & Bea on that please— it’s safer for all. Thanks

One foot on sea, one on shore

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Hola laxers!

con la llegada del verano muchos de vosotros estaréis disfrutando del mar y de unos pocos pases en la arena mientras llega el camarero con bebidas refrescantes en el chiringuito de la playa. Por mi parte, los meses de verano supone volver a mi tierra de origen, Ibiza, dónde sigo practicando lacrosse con mi escuela de verano que organiza el Ajuntament de Sant Antoni de Portmany. Que puedo deciros de Ibiza? Pues que tenemos un gran clima, buenas playas y mucha mucha alegría!

Durante los meses de julio y agosto, los participantes de la escuela pueden aprender los primeros pasos de éste maravilloso deporte que cada vez es más conocido. Además, en el centro se explica la historia, la cultura o el cuidado de un stick. Quizás, lo que más me sorprende es que durante los patios algunos de ellos practican ”wall ball” conmigo o lanzamiento en sus pequeñas porterías con la ilusión con la que les enseño el cradle o los face offs. Sólo puedo decir que me llena de orgullo disfrutar cada instante con ellos y espero, que si es posible, un día algunos de ellos juegue a lacrosse como todos los que amamos éste deporte.

Hello laxers!
With the Summer’s arrival many of you are enjoying the sea and you will make a few passes on the sand meanwhile the waitress is arriving with cold drinks on the chiringuito. For me, Summer means come back to my homeland, Ibiza, where I keep practicing lacrosse with Summer’s school which are settle up by the City Hall of Sant Antoni de Portmany. What I can tell you about Ibiza? Well we have a great climate, good beaches and a lot lot of happiness!.

During the months of July and August, participants can learn first steps of this wonderful sport that is increasingly known. Perhaps what surprises me more is that during the break some of them play wall ball or shoot towards the small goals with the illusion that I usually teach them to cradle or to make some face offs. I can only say that I am proud to enjoy every moment with them and I hope, if it is possible, one day many of them play lacrosse in a good team.
Sticks up and sand!!