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To the Men: Keys To the Women’s Game

Category : Blog · No Comments · by Nov 13th, 2013


In Bcn we play mixed lacrosse rules, mostly based on the women’s rules with extra add-ons. Until most of our guys have full gear to play men’s lacrosse, it will stay this way. Men can take tons of learning from this opportunity. Here’s why:

  • women’s game is based on skill & speed, which is excellent for players to hone their skills without the physical brutality of the men’s game added to the mix. The hitting & the rough contact comes naturally when the men’s game gets introduced, skills are taught & crafted and more difficult to learn
  • In the women’s game, defending a player means using your feet and your brains to prevent penetration – position defense, the ideal way for defending with minimal risk, maximum result — this applies to the men’s game also, watch the best players, you will see it. Get in between the attacker and the goal, have your sticks up, 2-hands on the stick, and let your feet do the work ou commander cialis.
  • it’s all about cutting & quick-stick to score in women’s, if you can translate this into the men’s game, you will be a stud scorer

And please, let the women pick the ball up before tackling her from behind—ahem! this is a penalty—better to move your feet and play position defense. Our time with the mixed game may be limited once we reach our goal of getting our all our kits ready by this December, let’s make the most of it and save the aggression for the men’s games. We have Bea who joins us from Roma lacrosse who can help us adhere to the rules, listen and support Aina & Bea on that please— it’s safer for all. Thanks