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The Inaugural game for Barcelona & Catalunya

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Top row from left: Oscar Hernandez, Albert Olive, Mark (BamBam) Bamford , Kepfra Frolich, Pol (Speedi) Lluca, Oriol Bonet
Bottom row: Kevin (Kevlar) Lee, Cristian (Tank) Payet Walsh, Gabo Matiolli, Luca Frias, Dave Broos

Estos 11 hombres llevaron los colores y el nombre de Barcelona por la Liga Nacional por primera vez. Ganaron todos los 3 partidos, ahora mismo estan  liderando la clasificación del grupo en primer lugar. Bareclona y catalunya pueden ser orgulloso de este grupo para jugar, llevando a sí mismos como campeones desde el primer pito al final de partidos y fuera del campo  en un fin de semana inolvidable.


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These 11 men have worn the colors & name for Barcelona for the national league for the very first time for the city. Winning all the 3 games, leading the group standings in first place. Barcelona & Catalyuna can be be proud of this group for playing, carrying themselves like champions from the first whistle until the end and off the field in a memorable weekend.


March 8, 2014- Barcelona has landed.

It is done. In honesty i knew this group can do well but the results were better than imagined. The red Catalan storm brewing actually turned up and had a bite to it and the word got out quick that the Barcelona bandits were actually for real. Not to say that it wasn’t an adventure, Speedi, our ambitious middie n our designated driver did get stopped by the cops for speeding as he couldn’t wait to drive the team there sooner(thus the nickname) and myself– I couldn’t sleep a wink all night no matter how hard I tried in the 5 hr ride to alicante. The boys gave me a scare by all drinking fat glasses of beer 30 min before the game was supposed to start, as if to say “hey coach, you were partying all night the night before, what’s good for the goose it’s good for the gander!”. I simply didn’t know what would happen, luckily the organizers were late getting the games started, we made it in time.

When you are aware of the development of the sport in Europe for the past 10 years, it’s no rocket science that lax is going to be a big game in this continent, and that today exists the frontier for the sport which is quickly ebbing away every year. A great sporting nation like Spain, a great sporting city of Barcelona, and a great sport like lacrosse, put the 2 togther, ’nuff said. I did preach the notion of the special opportunity of being the inaugural team, the first ever game, win, first everything, not sure if the guys actually absorb the measure of it. Time will race past, that for sure I can guarantee. It did pass my mind fleetingly at times that it would be wonderful to score the first ever goal, which it actually came and I was ecstatic, the guys didn’t know what to do, whether to high-five me or ask what just happened. “The cherry is broken man! Go break the fucking damn wide open!!!” Which they definately did do, and then some! Boy did they ever.

Keep moving, buck! there are other frontiers for the sport in Europe, it’s exciting n fresh, don’t miss out—That’s the tired line I keep repeating until they shut me up.The rewards of the struggles of grass-roots while the relationships you make along the way, self discovery, is unique and healing. The other day I met a female player in our club and her tale of breakup and the healing power from her introduction to the game and its culture n people–the fine people of the sport. So true indeed. Did I mention that I was certain that the referee for our games, Karol K. From Poland, was stoned? Turns that he wasn’t and that’s just the way he is usually. Nutters, crazies but all forgivable and lovable. The frontier, see it before it goes, it will be different in a few years, not to say not as good but just different when it’s more established.

Blow, blow that thunder! Snuff out the opposition and be the nicest guys after the game– be that cheeky bastard on the ground balls and the friend who’d buy you a drink at a bar nearby afterwards. Yeah, yeah, bandits!! Yeah.