Barcelona Lacrosse ® : Home of Lacrosse in Barcelona


Our mantra is “Spreading Lacrosse Solidarity”.

Our aim is to spread our sport’s unique culture of brotherhood & solidarity. If you happen to pass through or visit Barcelona, you’re welcome to take part in our sessions to share our skills & knowledge. We play together (mixed Men & women) on a field or at a beach. The name of the game is to have FUN! We welcome new players as teaching the ways of the game is our true passion.

We comprise of many nationalities ranging from Spanish, American, German, Kiwi, Italian, Swiss, British of ages from 17 years to 40+ years of age.

If you like to compete in men’s lacrosse around Europe, Barcelona Lacrosse has “The Bandits“, a touring team which has a nose for fun tournaments in the continent. In the past 12 years since the founding of the club I’ve had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of interesting lacrosse people pass through the city, enjoy lacrosse, and create relationships.  Many of our friends are now scattered all over the world, we see this as great opportunities. The Bandits are not city-bound or limited in any way. To re-unite with our friends, team-mates and spreading solidarity is what we are about. We hope to see you, play some good lax and share some laughs in the upcoming days!

Founder & Captain

Kevin Lee