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We are a non-profit sports association registered in Barcelona, Spain. We are supported by the generosity of private donors. No amount is too small, they all count towards buying more balls, sticks, and renting fields for us to grow the game.

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Our sport is rooted in history as the “medicine game” as it has healing powers for those who teach it and the community affected by the game’s impact on people. Your support is absolutely key for us to continue giving & growing.

Donations are tax deductible

  • Most countries’ tax offices provide people with financial rewards/incentives for making donations to activities which help communities or non-profit orgs like us.
  • Did you know that in Spain the first 150 EUR is 80% tax deductible annually when you submit your income tax returns? From any amount over that, a 35% rate is deductible.
  • For example, a 100€ donation means that 80 € is discounted/deducted from your annual income tax you’d need to pay in the upcoming income tax return (IRPF).
  • 200€ donation means that 137.50 € is discounted/deducted in total from the amount you’ll owe to the tax office on your annual income. Click HERE for more resources.